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Charging cables Type 1 & -2

At EV Plug Europe, we understand your need for high-quality charging cables for your electric car. Our extensive range has been carefully selected for reliability and compatibility with various car models. Whether you are at home, at public charging stations, on vacation or on the road, we have the perfect charging cable for your electric car.

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Advice on choosing the right Charging Cable:

  • Type of Charging Cable

    Do you need a Type 1 or a Type 2 charging cable? Type 1 (Yazaki) is mainly used in North America and Japan, while Type 2, also known as Mennekes, is the standard in Europe. The main difference between the two is the plug shape: Type 1 has 5 pins, while Type 2 has 7. Type 1 cables typically support only one phase, resulting in a slower charging rate compared to Type 2 cables, which can use multiple phases for a faster charging experience.

  • Phase & Power

    Choose between a 1-phase and a 3-phase charging cable, depending on your car's support. A 3-phase cable charges faster than a 1-phase charging cable, but only if your car also supports 3-phase charging. Type 1 charging cables often have a maximum charging capacity of up to 7.4 kW and are limited to single-phase connections. On the other hand, Type 2 charging cables can handle a maximum charging capacity of up to 22 kW, and they benefit from three-phase connections. It is important to know which type of cable and power rating is appropriate for your particular electric vehicle.

  • Length & Shape

    Choose a charging cable with the right length for easy charging, especially if charging points are farther away. Straight cables are useful for direct connections, while spiral cables offer flexibility without excess length on the ground. Choose the shape that best suits your charging situation and preferences.


Charging Cables: Suitable For All Car Brands And Models

At EV Plug Europe, we understand that finding the right charging cable for your electric car is essential. That's why all of our charging cables are designed with universal compatibility in mind. Whether you drive a Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Audi or any other car brand, our charging cables are suitable for all car makes and models. Plus, we have helpful tools available to make your search even easier.

On our website, you'll find a handy selection tool that makes it easy to find the right products for your specific car. In addition, we have a special page with an overview of all car brands, where you can search for your car to see which charging cables are compatible. This way we make finding the perfect charging solution for your electric car as easy as possible.


Fast Charging Stations: For Fast and Efficient Recharging Your Electric Car

Fast charging stations offer an excellent solution for electric car owners who want to charge quickly while on the road. Fast charging stations allow different charging speeds depending on the capacity of the station and the support of your car. Some stations can offer charging speeds of up to 50 kW, 100 kW or even 350 kW. This means your electric car can get up to tens or hundreds of kilometers of range in minutes. Unlike regular public charging stations, fast charging stations have a unique charging cable with a CSS or CHAdeMo plug type. The special feature of these charging cables is that they are able to carry much more current through them, charging your electric car significantly faster. In addition, fast-charging stations are connected to a much stronger electricity network, allowing them to deliver the higher powers needed for fast charging. The result is a fast and efficient charging experience, even during long trips.


Charging At Public Charging Stations: Choose The Right Charging Cable For Your Needs

When charging your electric car at public charging stations, it is crucial to choose the right charging cable for a smooth experience. Type 2 charging stations with socket connections are common in Europe, so a type 2 charging cable is recommended for maximum compatibility. Keep in mind that public charging stations often have socket connections, for which you will need your own charging cable. Also consider cable length, flexibility and weight, with straight cables for greater range and convenience. Choosing the right charging cable will ensure a hassle-free charging process at public charging stations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which type of charging cable charges faster?

Some Type 2 charging cables can charge 3-phase, which means they charge your electric car faster than Type 1. However, the charging speed does not depend solely on the type of charging cable, but also on the capacity of the charging point and the support of your car. Therefore, choose a charging cable suitable for the power your car and charging point support to achieve the optimal charging speed.

Which type of charging cable is suitable for fast charging?

For fast charging, you need a charging cable with a CSS or CHAdeMo plug type, because only these plug types can handle the higher amperage that fast chargers provide. So you cannot fast charge with your own charging cable. Fortunately, all fast charging stations have their own charging cable that fits any electric car, so you can always fast charge.

Can I use my charging cable at public charging stations?

Yes, you can charge at all public charging stations in the Netherlands. This is often also possible abroad. Only in France and Italy are there charging stations for which you need a Type 3 charging cable. However, these are rare. Most public charging stations have a socket in which your own charging cable fits.

What do AC charging & DC charging stand for?

AC and DC are abbreviations for alternating current (AC, alternating current) and direct current (DC, direct current). AC charging is done at regular charging stations, both public and private. DC charging is only available at fast charging stations because it is much more powerful and therefore your electric car is charged faster.

Can I charge my 1-phase car with a 3-phase charging cable?

Yes, you can charge your 1-phase car with a 3-phase charging cable, but this does not speed up the charging speed. However, it can be useful if you have two cars, one of which needs a 3-phase charging cable and the other a 1-phase charging cable. This is because then you can use the same 3-phase cable to charge both electric cars.

Is there a difference in charging speed between a curled and straight charging cable?

No, there is no difference in charging speed between a curled and a straight charging cable. The charging speed depends on other factors, such as your charging station, your mains connection and the onboard charger of your electric car.

Can I charge with 1-phase 11kW?

No, you cannot charge your electric car with 11 kW with a 1-phase charging cable. The 1-phase charging cable can charge a maximum of 3.7 kW or 7.4 kW, depending on the Ampere rating of your meter box (16 or 32 ampere). If you want to charge 11 kW, you need a 3-phase connection and an electric car that can support it.