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Exclusive benefits for our business partners.

Car dealers, installers, wholesalers & car leasing companies.

Discover the benefits of a business account at EV Plug Europe: from exclusive discounts in the webshop to a smooth and efficient ordering procedure, everything in one place for your specific industry hurds. Whether you are a car dealer, installer, wholesaler or car leasing company, we have the solutions that your company needs.

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Read on or request a business account immediately and discover why a business account at EV Poll Europe is essential for the success of your company in the automotive industry.

  • Exclusive (Staffel) Discounts

    Standard discount percentage on all your purchases. Save more the more you buy, thanks to our scale discounts.

  • Flexible purchasing options

    Buy in for multiple locations with multiple accounts under one business account.

  • Terms of payment

    Custom payment conditions, including the possibility to buy on an invoice basis.

  • Personal support

    Personal attention from your own account manager. We like to think along with you.

Does this fit your industry?

  • Car dealers & service companies

    Take advantage of standard and scale discounts on our wide range of charging cables, mobile home loaders, and charging stations. Shop on car brand for the perfect match with your service offer.

  • Car lease companies

    Strengthen your lease offer with competitive discounts on an extensive range of loading solutions. Choose from charging cables, mobile home loaders, and charging stations, tailored to various car brands.

  • Wholesalers

    Take advantage of competitive prices and strong discounts on our entire range of loading solutions. Optimize your purchasing and broaden your offer with our charging cables, home chargers and charging stations.

  • Installers

    Enjoy competitive prices on charging stations, perfect for professional placement projects. Improve your service offer and efficiency with our high -quality products.

Exclusive discounts & savings

At EV Poll Europe we understand the unique needs of business customers. That is why we not only offer a standard discount percentage on all your purchases, but also attractive scale discounts that grow with your company. The more you buy, the more you save.

These discounts are specially designed to lower your operating costs and to increase your profitability. Whether you make bulk purchases or regularly place orders, our discount structure is tailored to your business success.

Discover how our specific discounts and scale discounts can positively influence your operating results.

A smooth purchasing process with flexible payment conditions

We make shopping in our B2B shop not only simple but also flexible. Especially for companies with multiple locations, we offer the possibility to purchase separately for each location and at the same time give several employees access through individual accounts.

This ensures that your team can operate efficiently and that orders can be managed seamlessly, regardless of the complexity of your organization. With functions such as adjusted payment conditions, including buying on an invoice basis, and managing orders for multiple locations under one account, we optimize your purchasing process.